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Target audience for DigiHealth will be all social and economic segments. We do have zero tolerance for any information leakage as we are going to deal with patient sensitive information. DigiHealth will adhere to all government rules and regulation for health sector. We will not stop here, already the blueprint is in progress for DigiLearn. DigiLearn will empower students to get necessary education from home / remote. DigiLearn will be followed by DigiShop which will enable people to shop anything and everything remotely.

About Us

PeopleDigiTree is a structured and co-operated company. In the era of digitalization this company would like to bring modern ideas to provide a digital solution in day to day life. In the current state of social distancing, medical service has become an utmost necessity and people are struggling to get basic treatment. PeopleDigiTree is committed to serve people better and wants to focus at this area in the time of pandemic and beyond. We want to launch DigiHealth, a new way of medical solution that provide end to end services on digital platform (both Web and Mobile) where a patient can –

  • Book appointment with their preferred doctors.
  • Doctor consultation using video conferencing,
  • Centralize repository for medical history.
  • Get all medication and test requisition digitally.
  • Automatic Medicine and Lab Test demands to Pharmacy and Path Labs.
  • Sample Collection from Home.
  • Medicine delivery to doorstep.
  • Digital Payment for services with the option for cash transaction as well.
  • Digital copy of all prescriptions, tests, images and payments.

With all this services, PeopleDigiTree wants to create a digital eco system for end user. This will not only help people but also will strengthen our economy with additional job opportunities in public domain.

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Find Doctors near You

Get India's top doctors via video consultation, get digital prescriptions, order medicines, book doctor appointments & lab tests, and find doctors near you.


360 degree in-App Solution

Get all your health and essential solutions in the palm of your hands.


Online Doctor Consultation

Get answers to your health problems by consulting a doctor online. Our specialists will advise you to Get Right Diagnosis & Treatment Plan.


Order Medicines Online

Order and Schedule online Medicines. Upload prescription and buy (purchase) online medicine with home (doorstep) delivery.


Pathology Centers Near you

Pathology Test Centres near you - List of pathology screening & examination. As your requirement, we can connect you to the right Pathology Testing Centers in Kolkata.

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